Watch: Scott Franzke makes the ‘Bedlam at the Bank’ approach Bryce Harper’s NLCS-securing homer

Bryce Harper made quite possibly of the main swing in Phillies history, and regardless of where you saw it, regardless of how, the sounds that followed all adapted to the situation.

On the FS1 public transmission, Joe Davis shouted “HARPER! THE SWING OF HIS LIFE!” as the ball fell over the wall in. left-focus, and the Residents Bank Park swarm? That was likely the most intense the spot has at any point been, since that last contribute 2008 in any event.

Presently, the day after the Phillies won the NL Flag to go to the Worldwide championship, the live look from the corner of radio man Scott Franzke’s call through his partner Gregg Murphy:

“Bedlam at the Bank!”

Outright astonishing call while Larry Andersen repeats the opinions of each and every Phillies fan across the world.

What’s more, certainly sound that will be played back for quite a long time into the future as perhaps of the best crossroads in establishment history.

One more: Franzke’s call of the last out through Scratch Piccone:

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