Fire Force (En’en no Shōbōtai) is a Japanese manga series composed and showed by Atsushi Ōkubo.

 Fire Force Shinra Kusakabe

The series depends on a godlike fireman force is shaped to manage extraordinary fire occurrences.
Special Fire Forces battling against a peculiarity called Spontaneous Human Combustion where people creatures are transformed into residing fiery blazes called “Infernals.
Shinra Kusakabe is a third-age pyrokinetic teen who acquired the moniker “Devil’s Footprints” for his capacity to touch off his feet freely.As the story advances, Shinra starts to discover that his more youthful sibling’s snatching and his family’s misfortune quite a while back is brought about by a puzzling Judgment day faction that is behind the Infernal assaults.

Fire Force Collection character

Fire Force – Main Character’s

Shinra Kusakabe, Akitaru Obi, Takehisa Hinawa, Maki Oze, Iris, Arthur Boyle, Tamaki Kotatsu, Viktor Licht, Vulcan Joseph

Vulcan Joseph his birthday

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