GinTama (銀魂, lit. “Silver Soul”) is a Japanese manga series composed and showed by Hideaki Sorachi.

The series focuses on an eccentric samurai, Gintoki Sakata who works as an odd-jobs freelancer.

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Gintoki Sakata

It tells the story of Gintoki Sataka, a samurai who endeavors to experience a daily reality such that Earth has been taken over by The Amanto (Aliens) as a Yoruzuya (An individual who does random temp jobs). He meets Shinpachi, the child of a now perished Samurai, and Kagura, an Amanto part of the Yato Clan, an immense group that lives just to battle and prevail. Together they go through an assortment of experiences and meet a many individuals en route, structure companionships, bonds and even ruin a couple of days to a great extent.

The story is set in an alternate-history late-Edo period, where humanity is attacked by aliens called “Amanto” (天人, “Sky People”). Edo Japan’s samurai fight to defend Earth, but the shōgun cowardly surrenders when he realizes the aliens’ power. He agrees to an unequal contract with the aliens, placing a ban on carrying swords in public and allowing the invaders to enter the country. The samurai’s swords are confiscated and the Tokugawa bakufu (shogunate) becomes a puppet government.

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